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A thirsty customer base is waiting – including 56,000 Joe Jackson social media followers and an astonishing 4.8 Billion in the Michael Jackson fan club.

Big Business Clients

As an established international diamond dealer, Mr. Taylor has established an impressive global B2B client base.

Celebrity-Associated Products

Our product line contains beverages named after athletes and celebrities, including Tommy “Hitman” Hearns and Francis “White Buffalo” Botha.


JOCOLA is a signature Carbonated Soft Drink (CSD) of the Jacksons, designed by the late Joseph Walter Jackson (patriarch of the Jacksons musical dynasty) and his partner-co founder John O. Taylor, specifically to grow alongside the musical career of Joe Jackson’s children in the 80’s. 7 of the 9 children of Joe & Katherine Jackson later grew to be an unprecedented global musical success, either as solo artists or as a musical group.


In 2016 Joe Jackson and John Taylor planning ahead to relaunch “Jocola the Signature Soft Drinks by Joe Jackson” would celebrate the Jacksons 50th Anniversary in the music business by introducing the Jacksons Golden Tour in Nigeria” In 2016 the JACKSON’S musical group (formerly known as “Jackson 5”) marked a golden anniversary on the global musical stage, though without Michael Jackson, who died in 2009.

4.8 Billion Fans

Joe Jackson

The Jacksons Musical Dynasty and JOCOLA with the passing away of Joe Jackson in July 2018, John Taylor and the family decided to use JOCOLA to sustain his legacies and a platform for Joe Jackson to give back to the world as a bottled heritage.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson and JOCOLA changed dynamics in the now global “Cola Cold War” between Pepsi and Coke. It gave Pepsi a serious edge and mileage to become the No1 “Cola Drink” in the World, while it lasted. JOCOLA had comfortably become the No 1 signature soft drink that is also synonymous with the career success of the international musical Arena where Michael Jackson remained an unprecedented success and highest-earning musical legend, (dead or living), till date.